Hello anyone still around!

I have years between posts and updates, but I’m still here. I rarely post anything, but as I checked on my blog here, I found a Planned Parenthood advertisement on my blog. I want to be clear. I do not in any way or form support anything to do with PP. I oppose them and do not believe in their mission to kill babies. Most of those living near the Cumberland mountains do not.

Please go watch #Unplanned the movie. You will be uplifted! May God bless you and yours.

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Annual Civil War Re-enactment 2012

For anyone traveling to or through the Cumberland  Gap area, you’ll probably run into heavy traffic because they’re working on the Cumberland Gap Tunnel. The northbound side is currently closed and should reopen sometime mid-May or so.

Cumberland Gap Tunnel

You can see from the sign in the picture if you are going southbound stay in the right lane and take the first (and only) exit after the tunnel to the small and quaint town of Cumberland Gap, TN.

Meanwhile, this weekend April 28-29, 2012  is the annual Civil War Re-enactment in Cumberland Gap, TN.   Come experience the sights and sounds of the early days when the land was rich in resources and rugged beauty.  Stop by authentic campsites, try out ole time cooking and enjoy the re-enactment on the main street. Fun to be had by all.

Civil War Re-enactment 2011

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Spring feels like summer!


For anyone familiar with the different country ‘winters’, the redbuds are in full bloom and are beautiful everywhere! They won’t last long, but the Dogwoods are uncurling their petals in that pale green, soon to whiten up and display their beauty for Easter.

Redbud Trees 2012 Cumberland Gap National Historical Park

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Hensley’s Settlement

Hensley’s Settlement is on top of Brush Mountain in Kentucky. The views are beautiful, the altitude is high and even in October it’s cool enough for snow early in the morning.

Bottom line: I’d give my eye teeth to live there.

So time is short, but I have a link for you “The Quest for Hensley Settlement”

We were there on a very cold and dreary day, so the sky is grey. You can see the early turning of the fall leaves here and they’ll be spectacular in another week or so on top the mountain. Enjoy!

That’s all I have time for today. Thanks for looking and I hope you get a chance to go to the settlement and see it for yourself. I’ll try to pop back in soon to add more pictures and possibly update the fall pictures from around Cumberland Mountains this year.

Happy Fall!

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Old Railroad Tunnel

The view from the Pinnacle overlooking Middlesboro, Kentucky and Harrogate, Tennessee is always changing. The clouds can reach across the mountains like a gloved hand, or be gone entirely, leaving a fabulous blue sky as the backdrop.

Looking down from the Pinnacle are many hidden treasures and it’s amazing what’s there to be seen, but so many visitors miss. Thousands of people drive through the newly built tunnel connecting Kentucky and Tennessee yearly. Some go to the Pinnacle and think that’s all that’s to be seen.

There is an old railroad tunnel that passes from Cumberland Gap into Harrogate.  The temperature inside is wonderfully cool in the summer if you happen to take time to walk through it. Children love the loud echos as they run and jump inside an old railroad tunnel remodeled for hikers to stroll through.  Adults find the walk trail calming and refreshing in the heat of the day. Original bricks line the walls while lights overhead shine the way to the other side. No need to bring your flashlight unless you plan to walk after dark back to your vehicle!

From Cumberland Gap you can find the walking trail up to the first covered bridge and then to the second one (you may have noticed it as you drove under it into Cumberland Gap). Follow them on the paved path to the tunnel. Once you go through the tunnel you can walk into Harrogate and cross another bridge overpass to Lincoln Memorial University, including the Lincoln Museum.

If you aren’t one for walking the distance, bicycles are available for rent in the Cumberland Gap to ride the trails if you’d like.

The trees and flowers are in bloom and traveling season is upon us. Enjoy spring in the Cumberland Mountains with us!


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It’s been nearly a year since I’ve posted last so long in fact that spring is once again in the air.  Today I took some wonderful pictures of seagulls flying above the park.  Last nights storm  may have blown them off course, I’m not sure.  They were a beautiful site.

Hopefully I’ll be able to return to daily posts, but for now, enjoy the spring.  I’ll post pictures as I’m able.


Happy Spring!

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Summer is on the move.

Summer is here,  and with it brings heat.  Just a quick reminder for everyone to stay cool.  If you’re out hiking, take plenty of water with you.

Something else summer heats up besides the weather is traveling. I know I’ve been on the road a lot, and from the traffic I’ve seen many of you have been as well.  So take care out there it’s a crazy world in the fast lane and forgive me for being missing in action, as I may have to be more.

Big update for anyone living north of Knoxville, Tn to St. Paul, Virginia. There’s a huge generator being moved this weekend and if you’re headed to Cumberland Gap, Tn you may run into heavy traffic. There’s a huge area of the road right as you get on the ramp (25 E ) in Harrogate, Tn to 58 of Virginia that’s been sliding out for a few weeks now. They’ve terraced the area and I would think by now fixed it.  This generator they’re moving was scheduled to move before now, but the weather and this section of road has held up it’s delivery. So finally this weekend it’ll be heading north.  For more on the trip there are maps and information on the WBIR website.

The maps are located here and here.

Keep cool.  Stay safe and enjoy the great outdoors!

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National Parks Service

Ever wonder why we have National Parks?  How are parks beneficial to us? See many of the National Parks’ wonders on National Parks: America’s Best Idea (order or watch here from PBS) and get a grander knowledge of our Nation’s Parks and how they came to be.  Episode 4 includes our neighbor the Smokey Mountains.  If you are a Netflix user, each episode is available there as well.

National Parks have something for everyone and the beauty of each one is extraordinary.

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Raid at Martin’s Station

A new country is being born.  White settlers have multiplied and spread across a wild frontier filled with new and sometimes unknown dangers.  Joseph Martin lead an expedition to the  area of Powell’s Valley in Virginia, a race against other settlers, to secure land.  After beating the other party by two weeks and building a fort, Indians attacked sending everyone back whence they came.  Early the next year, Martin returned to rebuild what’s now Martin’s Station.

This last stop, before settlers reached Kentucky, became a small yet  important part of American History.

Join the ‘raid’ this weekend just 6 1/2 miles north of Cumberland Gap in Virginia. Click below  for more information.


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The Kentucky Derby

The thundering hoofs, heavy breathing, sweat and smell…

Can only be one thing.

The Kentucky Derby!

Calvin Borel has won three of the last four Derbys. Despite the near monsoon pouring down over the southeastern states,  Super Saver is this year’s lucky horse. So hat’s off to Calvin and Super Saver. What kind of hat is up to you, with the hat parade the fashion show of Kentucky.  So now my question is, “What horse will you ride next Calvin?” I’d love to see Super Saver take the Triple Crown, but if Calvin picks a different horse…who knows?

And if you missed the Derby (well you missed the year didn’t you? LOL) Catch up with it on these links.

USA Today

The Kentucky Derby

Churchill Downs

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