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National Parks Service

Ever wonder why we have National Parks?  How are parks beneficial to us? See many of the National Parks’ wonders on National Parks: America’s Best Idea (order or watch here from PBS) and get a grander knowledge of our Nation’s Parks and how they came to be.  Episode 4 includes our neighbor the Smokey Mountains.  If you are a Netflix user, each episode is available there as well.

National Parks have something for everyone and the beauty of each one is extraordinary.

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Raid at Martin’s Station

A new country is being born.  White settlers have multiplied and spread across a wild frontier filled with new and sometimes unknown dangers.  Joseph Martin lead an expedition to the  area of Powell’s Valley in Virginia, a race against other settlers, to secure land.  After beating the other party by two weeks and building a fort, Indians attacked sending everyone back whence they came.  Early the next year, Martin returned to rebuild what’s now Martin’s Station.

This last stop, before settlers reached Kentucky, became a small yet  important part of American History.

Join the ‘raid’ this weekend just 6 1/2 miles north of Cumberland Gap in Virginia. Click below  for more information.


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The Kentucky Derby

The thundering hoofs, heavy breathing, sweat and smell…

Can only be one thing.

The Kentucky Derby!

Calvin Borel has won three of the last four Derbys. Despite the near monsoon pouring down over the southeastern states,  Super Saver is this year’s lucky horse. So hat’s off to Calvin and Super Saver. What kind of hat is up to you, with the hat parade the fashion show of Kentucky.  So now my question is, “What horse will you ride next Calvin?” I’d love to see Super Saver take the Triple Crown, but if Calvin picks a different horse…who knows?

And if you missed the Derby (well you missed the year didn’t you? LOL) Catch up with it on these links.

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