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Which side are you on?

After stormy weather the night before, the day proved to be breathtaking today.  Cumberland Gap was the backdrop for the “War Between The States” and they held the annual reenactment there this weekend.  Many thanks to the people who travel and put on the show to keep alive the history of the area.  Here are a few pics to show not only the history embed deep in the Cumberland Mountains, but also the beauty.

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Kentucky, Tennessee, or Virginia?

Here’s a tidbit of information for those who didn’t know.

The Post Office located in Cumberland Gap, TN is the only post office to change states three times! It was Cumberland Gap, Virginia, Cumberland Gap, Ky and now as you know Cumberland Gap, TN.

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Winter again?

Ahh so the Dogwoods are in full bloom! Everything is blooming even my lilacs!  So it’s been warm, cold then warm again. Today brought the Rain! Serious rain.  With this mixture everyone is under Tornado Warnings.  Our prayers are with everyone to keep safe and hopefully have little to no damage. Our hearts go out to those in Mississippi that lost their lives to the tornado there and their families.

Now if you’re brave enough to weather the storm, which hopefully will be over early tomorrow,  you may want to check out the Civil War Reenactment in Cumberland Gap, Tn.  A pdf schedule is here. So get out early for the church service and demonstrations will be at 12pm. Hope you enjoy! To learn more about Cumberland Gap, Tn visit their website Town of Cumberland Gap. Check the tidbits for some interesting information.


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Redbud Winter

Redbud Winter. Yep it’s true.  It does exist.

It’s in the Cumberland Mountains already. Thursday and Friday were cold enough to turn the heat back on, but today has warmed up even more than yesterday.  As I load the pictures I’ve taken, I remember how much I loved the older folks talk about the different ‘winters’ each spring.  Always cold, but always beautiful in the colors it awakened.  So here is a quick pic for the color of Redbuds. Redbuds in bloom

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It’s so warm out! The trees are getting green on the base of Cumberland Mountains! The land is beautiful with small plants waking up from a cold winter’s nap.

Although still covered with leaves,  the heat is there.  Coats are a thing of recent memory. But be warned! The Spring ‘winters’ are not far behind so keep those coats out for a bit longer! There’s one white flowering tree bloomed in the picture. Do you see it?

Even with the sun setting, you can ride with the windows down and the wind whipping around you as you enjoy the scenery God made for all to enjoy.

We’re currently collecting pictures and stories from the Cumberland Mountains. If you’d like to contribute please email

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